CAFM stands for Computer-Aided Facilities Management and refers to the use of information technology to effectively manage physical facilities in various ways. This can include long-range facilities management reporting, as well as more direct systems that actively manage aspects of facilities, such as lighting or heating and air conditioning equipment

Trackplan is hosted in the cloud in Microsoft’s high specfication data centres providing peace of mind, resilience and reliability. However we can install and support Trackplan on your own servers if desired.

Yes. Trackplan has an advanced contractor portal. Contractors can login to see their instructed work, add notes, complete jobs, add costs and create quotes. Also, there is an off-line app version now available for Android and iPhone. See the Contractor’s Portal in the Help Guide for more information.

Yes, we can now offer an app that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple store. Contractors and engineers can view and manage their instructed work from the app.

By default each user in Trackplan needs their own username and password set up in the users area. However we can also support single sign-on if you would like your users to be automatically logged in from your network’s login, whether Active Directory, Office 365 or something similar.

Yes, by filling in the template document you can upload Sites directly from a spreadsheet. You will also soon be able to upload Assets from spreadsheet. For more information see the following page.

Yes you can. You can set up as many Planned Schedules as you want against a Site, Location or Asset. To see how to set a Planned Schedule against an Asset, or multiple Assets, see the following page.

Job Alerts are a convenient way to flag an issue against a Job or Task. This Alert can be for the attention of everyone, or an individual User. For example, an Alert can be created to specify a further action that is required in a weeks time. For more information see the following page in the Help Guide.

Job forms let you put together your own bespoke list of questions. You can then send these out for performing inspections, checklists and surveys. For more information see the following section in the Help Guide.

A job request is an optional feature. The Job Requests feature will allow your Users/Clients to send in issues to your team, either online or by email. The central facilities team can then review the new request and decide whether to approve it into a full maintenance Job or not. For more information see the following section in the Help Manual

Jobs, whether reactive or planned, can be broken into sub Jobs, or what we call Job Tasks. This is useful for more complex projects such as a refurbishments. Also it a useful way to seek quotes from multiple contractors.

For more information see the following page from the help manual.

Yes. If a Job requires estimates or quotes to be gathered you can request Quotes from multiple contractors by creating and instructing a task for each required Quote. You can then review the incoming quotes from the contractors and approve the winning quote into a new Job or Task. For more information see the following page from the Help Manual.

Yes, you can set up an email address to receive job requests from your user base. When an email is received this will create a job request as if it was created online. See the following page in the Help Manual

Trackplan has reports already within the application. Any grid, such as the Jobs List, can be filtered any way you like, and then exported to Excel. This can also be done directly from the Dashboard. You can also schedule job reports to be sent to users and resources / contractors.

We will also soon be launching a powerful reports service which will include the ability to build your own reports or select one from a library of pre-designed reports.

The job statuses are fixed in the system and cannot be changed. The most important statuses include “Pending”, “Instructed” and “Complete”. However, you can set up your own sub-statuses from the Settings Area to help you further describe the status of work. See the following page in the Help Guide for more information.