How Trackplan helped the Keys Group across their 400+ care centres.

Quick Summary

Keys Group brings together three of the UK’s leading providers of specialist education, care and activities: Accomplish, Keys and Peak.


The organisation supports more than 2,000 children, young people, adults and families in services and schools across England and Wales.


Jobs Per Annum & Growing


Reduction In Costs Identified (inhouse vs external)


 Contractor Uptake


 Buildings Managed

What made you choose Trackplan?

"We looked at various systems and chose Trackplan due to its modern, simple to use interface and configurability. A lot of systems we looked at were not very user friendly and were very rigid in terms of their set up, day-to-day management and reporting.

Mark Clemson, Head of Facilities

The Challenge

"The Data & Improving Visibility of Compliance. Previously using excel, reporting was time consuming and we couldn’t track jobs from start to finish as we wanted.

Mark Clemson, Head of Facilities

Key Requirements

  • Planned Schedule Automation
  • Contractor Management 
  • Reactive Job Management
  • Flexible Reporting (Dashboards & Reports)
  • Mobile App For Internal Engineers
  • Ability to Capture All Costs
  • Track & View Asset/ Job History
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Highly Customisable & Configurable

The solution

Automaton Of Planned Schedules

Automatically creating planned jobs and sending these to contractors/ internal engineers to close them down in real time with reminders being sent to contractors for overdue/ upcoming jobs.

Contractor Portal

Contractor Portal- All our 100+ external contractors use this. Each contractor has their own portal for uploading documents, inputting costs, sending quotes, adding notes/ pictures so we are all updated in real time. 

Key Reports

There are a lot of reports to choose from which are highly customisable so I can create my own and schedule them to users & myself on costs, resources, job types and more. 

Resource App

For the internal maintenance team. Adding costs, notes, viewing jobs, creating jobs and completing jobs down (forcing them to take a photo before they leave). The app is simple and only needed one training session to get them on their way.

General Job Management

Being able to house everything against each job so it’s all in one place. View job notes, job history, audit trails, job statuses, costs and more with all user groups to have restricted views to login and view job information from start to finish with key automated updates.


Ability to create my own for different user groups that only show the applicable information for their site.

What do you think of Trackplan now?

"Great platform, totally changed the way we work. Allowed us to put a much better process in place to enable us to work more efficiently and manage our jobs/ compliance.

We now have more time to spend analysing the data to bring in some further cost saving initiatives.

The operational team absolutely love it! Providing the transparency they needed for live jobs and documentation.

Mark Clemson, Head of Facilities