CAFM Software for Office Buildings in Europe

Social Security Provider in Belgium with 40+ offices.



Bond Moyson is a non-profit organisation and social security provider in Belgium.  Their health insurance fund and extensive office network enables them to provide high-quality services to the public including affordable health insurance and a strong home care service.

Lieven De Wilde is the facility coordinator for the facilities department in the Oost-Vlaanderen region.  He began looking for a new provider of facilities management software for their network of 40 regional offices.

They were using Planon as their facilities management software / CAFM solution.  But in 2019 decided to search for a more affordable and suitable solution. For 6 months they evaluated several cloud-based solutions.  They had nearly given up, but then they came across Trackplan.

It became clear early on that Trackplan was going to be the right solution for them:

– a cloud service that much better fits their needs/budget

– can customize and tailor the workflows and views.

– Very acceptable all-in monthly subscription price (compared to Planon about 1/10th). No surprises!

– Very nice set of features: sites, locations, assets; reactive and planned maintenance (based on schedules that can be linked to locations and assets)

–  very nice calendar and job scheduling feature that allows creating new jobs, allocating unscheduled jobs, rescheduling and reassigning jobs to other engineers.  All using drag and drop.

– Good inline help complemented by an online knowledge base.

Approach and More Details

After a short evaluation period with a free trial, they went for a yearly subscription.  They sponsored 3 feature improvements. Trackplan implemented these in less than a month for a  moderate additional fee.

They loaded in their site, asset and contractor data from Trackplan’s excel tools and currently have:

– 40+ sites

– over 400 assets

– 62 contractors

– 10 Planned Maintenance schedules

After a few online training sessions, they trained their own internal users themselves and in less than three months had fully moved across from Planon to Trackplan.

They have also benefitted from:

– inviting job requests from remote office users by either email or a simple “new request” web page that needs no login

– Visibility and management of the jobs using the Manager App and Resource App.  There own resources very quickly adopted working with the Trackplan tablet apps to receive work orders and reports on work done, without needing any paperwork anymore.

– Quick links into their favourite views of the job list and job calendar

– Displaying labels and text in their native “Flemish” language using Trackplan’s custom labels.  By mid-2022 they will be able to have the whole application in “Flemish” with Trackplan’s new multi-language facility.

– Much improved, partly automated communication to and from internal customers, creating a much more pleasant facilities environment where service requests from end users are really welcomed, and positive feedback after the job’s been done reaches both internal resources and external contractors, much to their daily job satisfaction.

“Lieven knew what he wanted from day one.  He was very clear about the things he liked in our software and where improvements would help him and his team.  Every email he sends me I always take seriously, as I know it is either a genuinely useful feature request or an issue that needs fixing.  I hope we get more clients from Belgium in the future!”,

CEO and founder Mark Cochrane


“Once we set our minds on working with Trackplan, it was astonishing to see how this relatively small cloud software tool helped us revolutionise our facilities workflow in months, while a big dinosaur hadn’t been able to do so in years. A matter of sizing the tool to the job, I guess, but also of ingenuity and of good listening to your market.

Of course setting sail with an, at the time, small unknown software company overseas, “down in the dark cloud”, was kind of scary. But already early in the process, even before signing up, Trackplan’s development headed by Mark was very responsive, and has been daily devoted ever since. I remember at a certain moment we had put together a list of ideas and features we missed, and in no time these were prioritised and put into development. Resulting in the wonderful drag-and-drop job planning feature for instance.

Today, as Trackplan has fully matured and become partner of France’s Dimo Maint, we know we made the right choice.  

We do feel very much at home in this partnership.“

Lieven De Wilde – Facilities Coordinator, Bond Moyson