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Energy & Plant Technology Ltd

EPT is a Project Consulting, Technology, Engineering, Procurement and Construction company specializing in the implementation of projects within the Oil & Gas markets, as well as Power and Manufacturing space.

EPT handles complete projects, from design and construction of industrial plants, to commissioning, operation and maintenance. With our technology and management capacities, we deliver with strong Project and Customer orientation based on a work culture committed to the international Quality, Safety, Health and Environment standards.

  • Consulting and Technology including proprietary workflows and technology focused on the monetization of hydrocarbons, (phase separations systems), project management
  • Engineering & Construction, including onshore oil and gas; chemicals; fertilizers; offshore oil and gas, floating solutions top sides (FPU, FPSO,MOPU, FSO); maintenance services and program management.
  • Re-manufacturing of Process Equipment and Vessels

EPT,provide value-added services, integrated EPC and long term operations and maintenance to ensure consistent delivery and predictable results.

Black Bear Software

Black Bear provides a platform for managing senses, devices and meters, otherwise known as “the Internet of Things” (IoT). At Black Bear they are passionate about making processes run that little bit smoother; Using BLE Beacon technology, they provide proximity-based solutions to help reduce costs and improve business operations. Their mobile solutions help to better engage, understand, and learn about people and processes. Whether it’s a focus on user experience through proximity based notifications; or improving business processes through asset and job management, they provide the tools needed to operate in a digital world. Capturing data from multiple sensor types, Black Bear IoT platform and software solutions provide companies with operational insights that help to increase efficiency and reduce costs. IoT solutions made simple.

Environmental monitoring
Monitor humidity, temperature, movement and a range of other conditions in your work environment.

Asset Tracking
Visibility on everything, all of the time. Monitor asset location, usage and performance.

Alerts and Notifications
Know when an asset enters or exits a location, or when a certain sensor reports a critical value.

Understand and optimize your asset and work environment performance through historical data.

Provides instant overview on the location and health of all your assets and work environments. Is accessible from from any connected device.
Complete visibility, and trace-ability of all assets.  Create and manage reports and notifications. Easily query, manage, or share all data.

Infrastructure sensor agnostic – BLE, RFID, NFC, temperature, vibration; whatever the needs.


CADM specialises in innovative products for workspace management using CAD, web and mobile technologies.

The primary objective of CADM’s product design methodology is to produce easy-to-use software suited to all organisations with workspace problems to solve. Their focus is on helping our users reduce waste, work more effectively and plan for the future.  Great for space management.

If you look around your office and see a lot of empty desks but somehow your premises costs are still rising, you may need a (better) workspace management system. Providing the right number of workstations as needs change is not simple – and on average one desk costs a business about half the salary of the employee supposed to sit there, empty or not.

It is without doubt the most scaleable solution of it’s kind with users in the SME and corporate sectors plus all points in between. Subscription prices start at only $495/€395 per month and include all the features you’d expect.