CAFM Videos For Trackplan’s CAFM and CMMS Software

The 6 Best Ways To Utilise a QR Code in Facility Management

There are a number of ways to use a QR code in facility management. They can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow, providing numerous benefits. Let’s explore the six best ways to leverage QR codes in facility management in this video.

How real time dashboards can improve the visibility of your compliance

Facility managers need tools that provide real- time insights at a glance. In this video we will explore the benefits of dashboards and how they may be able help stay on top of your compliance.

Maintenance Planner- The best way to visualise upcoming jobs

One notable feature that stands out in modern CAFM systems is the utilisation of job calendars, offering a maintenance planner an intuitive and comprehensive tool to visualise, plan, and execute maintenance tasks seamlessly.

How to reduce work order instruction time by up to 80%!

In this video we will be looking at how to reduce the time it takes to instruct a work order to a contractor/ internal engineer by up to 80%!

The #1 Way To Carry Out Property Inspections

Unleash the Power of Mobile Inspections!  Discover the #1 way for Facility Managers and Operational Teams to save time carrying out a property inspection.

Fire Door Inspections Made Simple

In his video we show a quick and easy way to carry out fire door inspections, using our mobile apps and QR codes.

Trackplan CAFM and CMMS Overview

This 3 minute video gives a very good overview of Trackplan and all its main features. Once you have seen this with its latest design, you will have a much better understanding of our powerful CAFM and CMMS software.

Engineers and Contractors App

The Resource App is for the engineers and contractors to view and manage their jobs.

This video showcases some of the main features of the app. This app uses new PWA technology, which allows the app to be installed from a browser! It works off-line on Android and apple devices.This app will be used by contractors and resources and integrates fully with our main application.

Facilities Manager App

For users in the main application (facilities managers, maintenance managers, department managers)A user set up on the Manager App can view all jobs they have access to. They can add notes, take photos and complete jobs. They can also create new jobs.

Works Offline and works on all devices…. Android, iPhone, Windows, tablets …even from your laptop.

Trackplan in Action with Client

Meet one of Trackplan’s early clients. Aura leisure group Ireland with 13 leisure centres. Padraig Byrne was looking for an easy to use system for managing the reactive jobs, contractors and the planned maintenance.

Getting Started with Trackplan

This video shows the recommended initial steps and guide for going live with Trackplan. It shows you step by step how to get started with Trackplan FM software for facilities management. See how Trackplan’s elegant and powerfull CAFM and CMMS software lets you manage, create jobs and control maintenance work keeping your buildings running safely and preventing damages, accidents, risks and cutting costs.

Job Management

This video will show you how to create a new reactive Job, assign a User and instruct a Resource / Contractor to the Job. It will show you the Job details screen which is the control center of each job.

Planned Maintenance

This video will give an overview of our Planned Maintenance Module. It will show you all the different views, lists and report available to help manage your planned items and keep your sites and assets compliant.

Create a Planned Schedule

This video will show you how easy it is to create a planned schedule, attached multiple sites, locations or assets and change dates, assigned users and contractors.

Electronic Forms

This video will show you how to create electronic forms such as inspection forms, checklists, risk assessments, meter readings… It will show you how easy it is to create a form with Trackplan step by step, explaining as well all the form questions that Trackplan provides you with such as Yes or No questions, Dropdown, Pass and Fail questions, Add Photo, Test Box, signature… The video will show you how to create a form and attach it to jobs, planned schedules, assets and sites, and it will also show explain each tab on the forms menu such as form results, design forms…

Job Calendar and Scheduler

This video will show you how to use the Calendar, with all the different viewing options, drag jobs between Users and quickly change the duration or expected date of the Job.

Site Management

This video will show you how to manage your sites and buildings using the site list and the Sites Detail page. For example you can add and manage Locations and sub-locations within a site.

Job Requests

This video will discuss the 6 different ways a Job Request can be raised on the system.

The Dashboards

This video shows you how to navigate the Dashboard and get a great overview of maintenance and compliance across your estate. Trackplan has 11 dashboards and 22 base reports to give users and and stakeholders their own relevant analysis and view.

Instructing contractors

This video will show you how to assign a Resource / Contractor to a Job, how to send an email instructing the Resource, how the Job Notes will be automatically updated, and how to assign new Costs.

The Contractors Portal

This video will show you how the portal can be used by your internal team or external contractors manage their tasks. They can add notes, submit quotes, view and upload documents and photos and add and submit costs.

User Management and email templates

This video will show you how to use the User Grid, create a new User, and how to set up the automated email templates.

Costs and Financial Management

This video will show you how to enter costs directly against a Job, how to cost individual tasks, add additional costs, use the Audit Trail and see the list of Costs across all Jobs.

Asset Management

This video will show you how to add and manage assets in your organisation such as fire extinguishers, boilers, air-conditioners and even vehicles. It will explain each step of how to add a new asset, either manually or adding several assets at a time from a spread sheet. It will also explain each of the assets fields and tabs, the 2 different QR codes available and the different asset statuses.