CAFM Software for Facilities Company and Retail Sites

Simply Solutions and 5000+ retail sites – CAFM and Facilities Management Software for Facilities Company and their retail clients


Background to Simply Solutions and their requirements

Simply Solutions are an International Provider of Strategic Facility Management and Workplace Maintenance

They offer fast, effective solutions on a international, national and regional level, providing their clients with a unique, seamless service.

They are an independent business, offering a tailored, personal service.  Their services are tailored to meet each clients’ specific and unique requirements, no matter how challenging they may be, continually priding themselves on working in harmony with our clients and their surroundings.

They have a vast client base of mainly retail clients with 1000s of sites across UK, Ireland and Europe.

They use Trackplan to help their team manage the reactive and planned preventative maintenance at their client sites.  Calls come into their customer service desk who create the jobs and issue them to their maintenance team.  They are then able to view and manage the issued jobs while on the road.  They also provide access to their clients who can view their jobs across their sites and also create jobs directly.

Other benefits include:

– setting SLAs and priorities for each client

– financial reporting and cost and sales integration with their finance system Xero

– smart and automatic allocation of jobs to the correct resource dependent on the client site region and the type of work

– easy to use, fast and responsive system enabling rather then hindering the helpdesk, engineers and clients

– quote management

Implementation and Solution

Simply Solutions recognised that Trackplan was a very good fit for their business and clients.  But of course there are always things that can be improved.  So we worked closely with Simply for 2 months to develop the improvements needed to the software.  Improvements included:

– Auto allocation of jobs to the most appropriate engineer based on the type of job, its location and the skills of the engineers

– Improvements to the quote management process, allowing sales quotes to be issued to clients for approval

– Handling of large job and site volumes to ensure system still fast, easy and responsive

– Integration with Xero

– Setting up of Client Contracts to allow sites to be grouped by client with their own set of SLAs, regions and preferred engineers

And their data had to be loaded in which was relatively easy with Trackplan’s upload centre allowing fast uploading from spreadsheets for sites, engineers, users.

The Simply team have been a pleasure to work with.  Friendly, smart, and clear on what they wanted.  A forward thinking company wanting to embrace technology so they can give more time and value to their clients.

“I have been so impressed with everyone at Simply at all levels.  Always understanding, patient and smart.  A marriage made in heaven.” – Mark Cochrane, CEO Trackplan.