CAFM & CMMS Pricing

Pricing based on what you use.  Unlimited Users.

We offer a unique pricing model.  You estimate how much you will be using the system for the next 12 months.   We do not care how many users you have either on the main web application or for our 3 mobile apps.

Key metrics we look at include:

– Number of reactive and planned maintenance jobs over 12 months

– Number of electronic forms you expect to issue.  Trackplan has a form designer.  You can design forms for inspections, risk assessments, health and safety forms.  A very strong part of Trackplan’s software

– Number of sites and buildings

– Number of assets.  You can load in 1000s within minutes using our Upload Centre

– Number of contractors and in-house engineers

At the of each payment period (typically 12 months) we review how much you have used the system to set the price for the next 12 months.

We will give access to our pricing bands so all pricing is clear, fair and transparent.

Access All Areas

With your annual subscription you will have access to all features and modules.  This includes helpdesk and job requests, reactive jobs, job scheduling and job calendar, planned preventative maintenance, electronic forms, assets, sites, contractors, finance and costs.

Each user you set up can be assigned a User Role to determine what level of access they require.  For example super users with access to all modules to “jobs only” users who can view and manage jobs assigned to them but nothing else.

You can also design your “User Roles” to tailor the access you want to give to a user.  For example you could create an “assets only” role allowing a user to view, edit and create assets but nothing else.

Lightening fast to set up.  Go live within days of signing up.

The software is very easy to use.  Most clients remark on how quickly they have been able to set up their Trackplan CAFM area. Of course you need at least one person at your end that is comfortable with using software.  And we are there to provide online training over Teams and Zoom.


– We have over 12 3-minute training videos. You can see them on our website

– We have an informative knowledge base.  See https://cafm.fm

– We recommend at least 2 online 2-hour training sessions with our product experts.

– During our first call we will walk you through our product checklist to look at your requirements and how they marry up with the features and modules in Trackplan.

– We have an upload centre where you can upload all key data from spreadsheets.  Great for loading assets, sites, contractors, planned maintenance schedules

– The whole Trackplan team, from developers to the CEO are able to answer your support questions.  Send an email to the support team or raise a Support Ticket within the software itself.

Unlimited documents, photos and emails

Within Trackplan’s CAFM software you can upload as many documents as you like to a job, to a site, to an asset or to a contractor.  Whether they are manuals, certificates or photos.  Any file format accepted.  There is no limit on how many documents you can load up. They are stored securely in our servers hosted with Microsoft Azure.

Trackplan will send out emails to your users and contractors triggered by a wide selection of events which you can configure.  For example:

– notifying a contractor of a new job sent to them

– alerting your helpdesk when an urgent job is imminent or overdue

There is no limit on how many emails can be sent from Trackplan’s mailserver.  You can also choose to use your own mail server.

Also, SMS / text messages can be sent to contractors when there is a new job.

Free Upgrades – Continual Improvement

We are constantly improving the software.  Our in-house team of developers are continually improving the software.  And fixing the odd bug!

The CEO himself designed and developed the product but has now taken a back seat to let the new blood drive the product on.

We talk to clients and prospects every day and we are updating our roadmap and development board with all the new ideas.  We rarely hear a bad one.

Each 4-6 weeks we upgrade the software and update our knowledge base.  And then invite clients to a “new feature” webinar” to explain recent improvements.