Getting started

Getting started with Trackplan’s CAFM software

Some simple steps to get you going…

Navigating Trackplan’s CAFM software is easy with our intuitive design and user friendly interfaces. Our customers love the ‘ease of use’ that means very little staff training is required. We have highlighted some of the basic steps below so – you will be up and running in minutes:

Getting Started with Trackplan

Trackplan’s CAFM software is both simple to use and highly configurable with almost every aspect of the software easily customisable to your specific needs. This video shows the recommended initial steps and guide for going live with Trackplan. It shows you step by step how to get started with Trackplan FM Software for Facilities Management. See how Trackplan’s elegant and powerful software CAFM and CMMS software lets you manage, create jobs and control maintenance work keeping your buildings running safely and preventing damages, accidents, risks and cutting costs.

Create Your First Site

Before you can create a job you have to create a site. Once you have created a site you can then create locations and sub-locations within the site. Each building can be set up as a site. Each site in turn can be divided into locations and sublocations. Sites can be categorized into site types and regions – the site types and regions can be set up in the settings area. Each site, location and sub-location can be given their own codes.

Reactive jobs are created against sites and locations within a site. Planned schedules can be set up against sites, locations within sites or against assets.

Sites can be loaded in from a spreadsheet using the upload centre. But we recommend creating the sites through the interface for a small number of sites. Note that assets must belong to a site and optionally a location / sub location in a site.

How Do You Accept Job Requests

Job Requests are work orders raised by staff members for work to be done. Users can create requests by logging into Trackplan and completing a simple wizard.

These requests can then be approved into reactive jobs for the helpdesk to manage.

In addition, users can email in requests to a designated email address which will create requests in Trackplan. The emailed requests can be correctly routed to the correct site and location if the staff member and their email address are set up as site contacts.

Decide if and how you want to use them.

Inspections and Electronic Forms

In the forms area you can design forms to help with inspections, risk assessments, surveys and meter readings. You can create multiple questions per form with several questions types including Yes/No, Text, Number, Photo, Signature, Pass/Fail. There are over 12 question types.

You can break the form into sections and group questions into different sections.

You can issue forms with a job or planned schedule, or you can make them available for general use in the forms library.

Note that for forms requiring regular daily input such as meter readings or toolbox audits, you can set a section up as “repeatable”, so multiple entries can be made into one form.

Forms can be attached to reactive jobs and planned schedules for completion by the FM team or contractor. You can also complete forms on the fly against sites and assets.

Budgets and costs

Costs rows can be completed against jobs. In addition, in the finance area, multiple budgets can be set up, and jobs can then be attached to one of these budgets. Job types and sub types can be set to assign the job to a specific budget. Or this can be selected manually once the job is created.

Document Management

Documents and photos can be uploaded against sites, jobs, assets and resources. In addition, you can create document tags to help categorise and organise documents.