Quick Job

Create jobs within seconds from any device, and see what other jobs have been raised at the same time.

Job control

Control jobs and capture all job information including job types, notes, quotes, documents….


Assign and schedule work on the drag and drop calendar across the team. Great tool in Trackplan’s CAFM software.

Planned work / Compliance

Set up recurring work for planned jobs to be created automatically, and help stay compliant with legislation.

Sites and Locations

Set up as many locations as you like within each site for full and detailed estate coverage.

Notifications and Alerts

Set email notifications to any user for any significant event on the system (eg new job assigned to them)


Anyone can raise job requests from any device to notify maintenance team of issues.

Budgets and Costing

Enter costs quickly. Set up budgets by period or job and compare costs against budget.  A must for any CAFM solution.


Assign and instruct work to contractors, who then login to view and update assigned jobs. See when they arrive on site and complete work.


Upload and manage documents for each job, site and asset.  View all documents in the centralised document manager. A must for any CAFM solution.

Highly Configurable

All aspects of the CAFM software can be set up as you like through the settings area of the software. Quick and easy.

Inspection / Checklists

Create your own lists and send out to employees and contractors on their mobiles.  Removes paperwork and saves time.


Create and manage assets by site and location. Assign day to day and planned jobs to assets through their life history to help with compliance and better informed repair / replace decisions.

Projects and Tasks

Break job into smaller tasks and manage larger pieces of work and projects including their costs and budgets.

Image Capture

Take photos against a job, job request or site directly from any device and load and view against the job directly. For internal team and contractors.  Also draw over the photo after its taken to highlight issues.

GPS Location Stamps

Set Geo-Location / map coordinates for each site to help track contractor and team member locations from device updates.