Recent Updates

Mar 25

Asset Manager in the Manager App and Resource App

Asset Management in the Apps

Assets can now be managed in the Manager App and the Resource App.  So assets can be filtered and viewed.  New assets can be created.  Jobs can be created from assets and assets can be attached to existing jobs.  See more on asset management software here.

Feb 14

Dashboard for Contractors, Engineeers and Users

dashboard for contractors and users

Two new dashboards added for to the dashboard library: Dashboard for Contractors and Engineers, and the Dashboard for users.


Both show charts and grids summarising how contractors, engineers and users are performing over period of time.  Can set the data range and look at specific teams.

Jan 10

Form Library – in the Manager App and Resource App

Form Library

The Form Library is now available in both the Manager App and Resource App.


When you design forms (eg inspections, audit forms, meter readings) you can make them available for immediate entry from the Form Library, as well as by issuing them with a reactive or planned job.  So now in the apps you can select a form from the form library and complete it there and then.  Very quick and dead handy!

Dec 09

Manager App – Assign jobs to other users

Manager App - Assign User

From the Manager App, the manager or supervisor can choose to assign the job to another user.  This user will then receive email notification and see the job in their own manager app.

Nov 27

Job Requests – Create job request without needing a user login from a secure web page

job requests without login

Users can raise issues and create requests from a secure web page without needing to log in the main application. Great for organisations with many users. Complements the ability to send a request by email. And of course coming soon… ..the requestor app

Sep 06

Teams of users and engineers

Teams of users and engineers

Teams.  You can now set up multiple teams, and then assign each user and engineer and contractor to one or more teams.


Jobs can be driven to a particular team based on the type of job.  Then users can be restricted to see only their relevant team jobs.

Aug 22

Manager App – Instruct Engineers from App

Instruct Engineer

From the Manager App, you can now choose an engineer or contractor and then instruct each job to them.  The engineer will then receive the job straight away on their Resource App plus email notification.

Jul 10

Forms in the Manager App and Resource App

Inspections checklists audits meter readings

Forms designed in the main application for inspections, checklists, risk assessments, meter readings, surveys, risk assessments, permits to work can now be sent down to the Manager App and Resource App.


Allows questions of up to 12 question types to be answered including Pass/Fail, Dropdowns, Photos, Signatures…..


Easy to use and fast. Works offline.


Jun 13

Manager App – Relaunch

Manager App

The Manager App has been relaunched using  PWA (progressive web application technology) and so is now on the same platform as the Resource App for engineers and contractors. The app is web based BUT embeds on your phone or tablet like a traditional app.  Quick and works offline!


The Manager App is intended for use by managers and supervisors.  Very easy to use with some great features including:


  • See all jobs and job details.
  • Add photos, notes and documents to a job.
  • Can complete forms sent down with a job or from the form library.
  • Can create new jobs.
  • Can assign jobs to another user or engineer to contractor.
  • Can view assets, create assets, assign jobs to an asset.
May 29

Permit to Work

Permit to Work

Permits to work – using either forms or documents a full permit to work workflow is now available on jobs involving contractors and other stakeholders

Apr 25

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments – A thorough risk assessment workflow introduced for risk assessments designed in the form designer and sent to a contractor with an instructed job.

Apr 19

Planned Maintenance – Smart scheduling

Planned Maintenance – Smart scheduling: Where an asset or site has 2 or more schedules can group the schedules so future bookings do not clash using superseding rules

Apr 17



Expenses – Engineers and contractors can now submit expenses with a photo from the resource app, which can be approved in the main application

Apr 12

Reports – Report Manager Introduced

Reports – Report Manager Introduced

Reports – Report Manager introduced with some reports. Reports can be scheduled to be sent out to one or more users for any frequency

Apr 10

Stock – on the app

Stock – on the app

Stock – engineers can now record stock used on a job using the resource app

Mar 15

Planned Maintenance – Future schedules can be viewed on calendar and timeline report

Planned Maintenance – Future schedules can be viewed on calendar and timeline report

Planned Maintenance – by default the next planned job is created as soon as the last one is created. Now, the next planned job can be delayed to days before it is actually due. Avoids confusion for the maintenance team

Mar 11

Stock – Upload from excel

Stock – Stock upload added to upload centre so can upload all stock and stock levels from spreadsheet

Feb 13

Planned Maintenance – Delayed job creation

Planned Maintenance – by default the next planned job is created as soon as the last one is created. Now, the next planned job can be delayed to days before it is actually due. Avoids confusion for the maintenance team

Jan 22

Timesheets – Timesheets for engineers on the resource app

Timesheets – Timesheets for engineers on the resource app

Timesheet: Engineers can now complete weekly timesheets on the resource app for engineers and contractors

Jan 19

Contractor Compliance – Forms for contractor compliance

Contractor Compliance – Forms for contractor compliance

Contractor Compliance – forms can now be designed for completion by contractors related to their compliance, health and safety, inductions etc

Jan 17

Contractors – Email Reminders for overdue work

Contractors – each contractor can be flagged to receive email reminders when an instructed job is just overdue and for every day thereafter

Jan 04

Notifications – Key job events

Notifications – users can be enabled to receive emails of key job events such as contractor instructed, contractor arrived, contractor completes. Improves communication for users and site managers to track the progress of their jobs

Dec 14

Engineer / Contractor App Live

Engineer / Contractor App Live

Engineer / Contractor App: The app for engineers and contractors is now live and working great for engineers and contractors to view and manage their instructed jobs. Works offline. Fast and very easy using latest Progressive Web Technology.



Dec 11

Job Worksheet: Auto generate of PDF job worksheets to send to contractor

Job Worksheets: Can now generate a well-formatted PDF job worksheet which includes the job details, assets for that job, and any forms attached to that job. This can be sent to the contractor by email and also to the contractor portal and app.

Dec 06

Forms: Asset Selector

Forms: Asset Selector

Forms: A new fields question type for forms “Asset Selector”. A user can now select multiple assets on a form either by selecting from the existing list of assets in the site, or scanning the QR code, or can even create new assets on the fly. Great for inspection checks, surveys and even asset gathering

Nov 28

Planned Maintenance – Quick Schedules

Planned Schedules: In addition to the central planned schedules, you can now create quick schedules for a specific site or asset, and also design or attach inspection forms.  Provides a quick alternative for creating planned maintenance schedules.

Nov 23

Forms – Dropdown question type

In the form designer there is a new question type “dropdown”. This allows you to tailor your own list of options for a user to choose from one when you design a form.

Nov 09

Custom Fields For Jobs and Requests

Custom Fields For Jobs and Requests

You can now create a custom set of fields / questions linked to a job type. So when creating a new job or request the user can be asked additional information linked to that type of request. Useful for many things including parking permit requests, catering requests, questions linked to type of asset etc.

Oct 11

Rate Cards For Contractors and Engineers

Rate Cards For Contractors and Engineers

You now create hourly rate cards for engineers and contractors. So when they complete jobs on the contractor portal or the app, then costs are generated from the hours they have worked. Takes into account their travel time as well as time on site, out of office hours and call-out rates.

Aug 23

Mobile App for facilities team ready

Trackplan’s CAFM and CMMS app is finally here.  It’s been a lot of work and patiently longed for by many including myself!  It works on any android or apple device whether mobile phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

The CAFM app is fast, easy to use and of course works off-line / out of signal, and syncs back up when a signal is re-established.  We have used some of the best mobile technologies out there including Facebook’s React and Google’s Firebase.

Like the rest of the main CAFM and CMMS application, design and ease of use has been one of the primary objectives.  The first app is for the facilities and maintenance team. You can:

  • create jobs
  • view open jobs whether reactive or planned
  • take unlimited photos
  • complete jobs
  • add and view notes

It is soon to be followed by a similar version for the engineers and contractors, ready in a few months.

There is a lot more we can do to the app to make it even more useful.  So we have started with the essentials.

Coming Soon

2020 - Q3

Draw and Annotate over images

Image annotation

Whether it is a floorplan or a training pitch you will be able to draw over an existing image and add text and symbols. Also linking to the Trackplan database of assets and jobs. You can already draw over freshly taken images using the Resource and Manager App. Great for snagging and workspace management.

2020 - Q3

The Requestor App

Requestor App

The third app, long overdue, will let remote users create requests from the Requestor App quickly and easily.

2020 - Q3

Asset QR Code Scanning into the Apps

Asset QR Code

Using the Manager App or Resource App, a user will be able to scan the QR Code of an asset to then bring up the asset details where they can see the asset information and create a job.

See more on asset management software here.

2020 - Q2

Calendar in the Resource App

Calendar in Resource App

Soon an engineer will be able to see their jobs on a calendar to make it much easier to see what is due to be done today and tomorrow and the rest of the week.

2020 - Q2

Job Expenses

Job Expenses

Engineers can already record expenses from the Resource App, which then go through an approval workflow in the main application. Engineers will soon be able to create an expense against a job which will allocate that cost against the job

2020 - Q2

Own labels for fields

For key fields and label you will be able to apply your own preferred text whether it is in another language or more suits the context of your business

2020 - Q2

Dashboards – design your own

design own dashboards

Trackplan has a library of 10 dashboards each a collection of charts and grids. You will be able to design your own dashboard from the collection of charts and grids that we design. In addition you will be able to export any dashboard to PDF and even schedule them to be sent offering more reporting options.

2020 - Q2

Save Job List Search Filters for Future Use

Job List Filters

In the main data grids such as the job list, you will be able to save the search filters for future use. Combined with the excel export this provides quick bespoke reporting.

2020 - Q1

Job Completion – Custom Fields

Job Completion Questions

Additional custom fields can be asked when completing a job. Design as you like. For example “Area / Item Clean and Sanitized ready for production?”

2019 - Q3

Forms in the apps

Trackplan has 2 apps.  One for the maintenance and facilities managers, and one for the engineers and contractors

We are bringing the 2 apps more closely aligned to share the same code base and both be based on the innovative “Progressive Web App” technology.  They work on all devices and all platforms and work offline.

In addition we are bringing in our superb electronic forms into the apps to enable users to complete:

– inspections and checklists

– surveys

– Risk Assessments

– Permits to Work

Also end users will be able to create job requests remotely very easily.

2019 - Q2

Xero Integration

Xero Integration

Xero is the World’s leading finance and accountancy application for small to medium size enterprises.  We use it ourselves.  We are often asked for integration with other finance systems, and we are going to do this one, plugging straight into their API.

2019 - Q4

IoT – plug and play sensors, devices and meters

Everyone is talking about it and now its time to act!  We are excited about bringing the world of sensor and devices into Trackplan.  The vision is to create a central hub on the current platform, where users can select from a menu of devices.  Then using a “plug and play” approach make it as simple as possible to manage the device and its data from the Trackplan portal.  The steps for the user will be

  • Select the device from our menu
  • Order the device from the supplier
  • Install the device to your location
  • Enter the unique code for the device into the Trackplan portal, either against a site, location or asset.
  • Then view the results and manage the device

Sounds simple doesn’t it?