Recent Updates

Apr 16

Job Calendar Colours

Calendar Colours

The job calendar / scheduler in Trackplan has is a very useful and powerful scheduling tool for your jobs and engineers.

You can now display the jobs on the calendar in colours by job status, priority, site, team, contract or job type.

Also on the job list you can now use colours for highlighting jobs by priority and team.

Apr 14

Asset Tree View

Asset Tree View

We now have a beautiful asset tree view.

On a tree diagrams you can navigate through your site, locations and sublocations and see the assets at every point.

You can also drag assets around to quickly move them from location to location.

Mar 27

Quick Links for Job List and Calendar


On the job list and the job calendar you can set your filters the way you want and the create your own quick link.  This quick link can be for you only or to be shared by other users.  Makes navigating to your favourite views a lot more convenient.

Mar 26

Contractor and Engineer Availability

Resource Availability

For each engineer and contractor you can set their availability from the main application to either Available, Busy, or Off Duty.  The engineer can also update their own status using the Resource App.

This is useful for organisations who schedule a lot of work and to assist them in choosing an appropriate resource.  We added this feature from our recent client “Cork and Kerry Voluntary Emergency Services”

Mar 17

Send Permit to Work by email to Contractors

Send Permit to Work by email to Contractors

Electronic forms is already a very strong feature in Trackplan.  You can design your own forms for inspections, surveys, risk assessments and permits to work.  You can now send a form out to a remote user by email. From the email they click the link and can complete the form.  No need for logins to the applications or the apps.

Mar 12

Contractor Dashboard, Quotes and Easy Access

Contractor Dashboard

Trackplan has a contractor portal where they can view and complete their instructed jobs plus lots more.

In this release we also:

– added a contractor dashboard with an overview of their open reactive and planned jobs and quotes

– added a quotes list with a list of all their quotes sent waiting for submission (and then your approval)

– provided easy access to your contractors.  They can login with a username and password as before. But now you can also include a weblink on the job email set to them. The contractor can click on this secure link and are taken to their portal.  No username or password required!

Mar 05

Transport Jobs

Transport Jobs

We extended Trackplan to allow “Transport Jobs” to be created.  This allows you to set up multiple journeys within a job, each with a pickup point and destination.

We were asked to do this work for the Voluntary Emergency Services in Cork and Kerry.  When there is a storm or other serious incident, they mobilize resilience desks and crew to handle emergency transport for people in need of transport.

Feb 17

Purchase Orders and Finance Codes

Purchase Orders and Finance Codes

The purchase orders module continues to be improved.

You can now set up to 3 different finance codes and allocate these to the purchase orders and job costs.

More to come including tax rates and authorisation levels.

Jan 29

Manager App – Create Jobs and View Your Own Jobs Only

Manager App – Create Jobs and View Your Own Jobs Only

To help new client MKF Properties and Guinness Storehouse we have improved the manager app, so all the staff members can quickly create their own jobs and view their own jobs only.  They login and are taken straight to the new job screen.  And they can keep adding job after job as quickly as a phone call or email.


Dec 27

QR Code Scanning for Assets, Sites and Locations

Asset QR Code

From the main application and both apps you can easily allocate QR codes to your assets, sites and locations.  And these QR codes can then be scanned from the apps while out and about. This will bring up the asset or location on the app. From here the user can see all jobs at this location or asset.  And also create a new job.

See more on asset management software here.

Nov 15

Apps – Sites, locations, assets and QR codes

Apps – Sites, locations, assets and QR codes

In both the Manager app and Resource App the user can easily navigate through their sites, locations and assets.

– From each site or location you can see all the assets there.

– You can also attach QR codes to the site or location for future scans.

– You can create jobs from the site, location or asset

Oct 22

Smart allocation of jobs to contractors by job type and region

Smart allocation of jobs to contractors by job type and region

It takes some setting up.  But once you do it, it can reap rewards

You allocate contractors to trades and regions.  You allocate sites to regions.  You match job types and sub types with trades.

When a job is created it can then preselect a recommended contractor based on the site’s region and the job’s type.


Sep 24

Job Costs, Sales, Contractor Quotes and Sales Quotes

Job Costs, Sales, Contractor Quotes and Sales Quotes

You can now set up sales values for each job cost.

You can also create sales quotes and send to your client.  Either stand alone or driven by the contractor quote.

Margins can be set up by client contract to drive the sales value.

Sep 17

Client Contracts – allocate sites, SLAs, contractors, margins by contract

Client Contracts – allocate sites, SLAs, contractors, margins by contract

Set up a contract for each client or division.

– You can allocate sites to a contract

– You can set up SLAs / Job Priorities by contract

– You can set up user logins so they can only see sites within their contract

– You can restrict which contractors can work on which contract

Jul 15

Xero Integration

Xero Integration

Xero is the World’s leading finance and accountancy application for small to medium size enterprises.  We use it ourselves.  Client costs can now be sent over to Xero for each job and a draft sales invoice can be generated in Xero. The invoice number is brought back into Trackplan

Jun 27

Custom labels for sector specific and foreign language


Set your own labels for most of the key fields and screens.  For example, instead of “Job”, say “Work Order”.  This also allows for labels to be set in other languages whether Arabic, Flemish, French, Spanish or German.

Jun 27

Dashboards – design your own

design own dashboards

Trackplan has a library of 10 dashboards each a collection of charts and grids. You can also to design your own dashboard from our library of charts and grids that we design. In addition you can export any dashboard to PDF.  In the future you will be able schedule these PDFs  to be sent by email to select users.

May 30

Forms in the Resource App

Add Form Resource App

In addition to the forms already sent down with a job in the Resource App, the engineer can now add another form to the job, if it has been made available for this in the main application. This new feature allows for a lot more flexibility.

May 28

Group Jobs by Teams in the Calendar

Calendar Teams

In the calendar in the main application you can now choose a team. This lets you select users or resources to display or group jobs by on the calendar.

May 28

Calendar Timeline View

Calendar Timeline

The new timeline view in the calendar allows you to view the jobs with the hours on the x-axis. This allows unlimited users or resources to be shown on the y-axis when grouping by user or resource.

May 26

Job Calendar in the Resource App

Resource Calendar

The jobs calendar has been brought to the Trackplan resource app. You can view job tasks on the calendar by day, week, or month, and scroll with the arrows through the various time periods selected. You can also use the drop-down date selector to pick a specific date.


Clicking on a job task from the calendar will take you to the Job Task Details view.

May 24

Multiple Ways to Raise a Request

Job Requests

There are now multiple ways to raise job requests with Trackplan. Users can be set up with individual logins for Trackplan and raise job requests from the main dashboard view. Multiple users can also share the one login, and provide their own email address when creating a request so they can receive updates.


Job requests can also be sent by email to a designated email address. Another way to raise job requests is by using a link generated by Trackplan which can be used by anybody who may need to raise an issue, for example residents in an apartment block.

May 19

New Dashboards for Job Requests and Helpdesk

Dashboard Views

New dashboard views have been added for job requests and users. These new dashboards will add more even more control over managing job requests, and helpdesk staff.


The job request view will give an over view of requests per site, by type and number raised over a 12 month period. The users view is a great tool which will give an overview of user activity and performance. Two helpful new additions to give you more control.

May 15

Draw and Annotate over images

Image annotation

Whether it is a floorplan or a training pitch you can now draw over an existing image and add text and symbols. Also linking to the Trackplan database of assets and jobs. Great for snagging and workspace management.

Mar 27

Calendar in the Resource App

Calendar in Resource App

Your engineers can see their jobs on a calendar.  This makes it much easier to see what is due to be done today and tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Mar 25

Asset Manager in the Manager App and Resource App

Asset Management in the Apps

Assets can now be managed in the Manager App and the Resource App.  So assets can be filtered and viewed.  New assets can be created.  Jobs can be created from assets and assets can be attached to existing jobs.  See more on asset management software here.

Feb 14

Dashboard for Contractors, Engineeers and Users

dashboard for contractors and users

Two new dashboards added for to the dashboard library: Dashboard for Contractors and Engineers, and the Dashboard for users.


Both show charts and grids summarising how contractors, engineers and users are performing over period of time.  Can set the data range and look at specific teams.

Jan 10

Form Library – in the Manager App and Resource App

Form Library

The Form Library is now available in both the Manager App and Resource App.


When you design forms (eg inspections, audit forms, meter readings) you can make them available for immediate entry from the Form Library, as well as by issuing them with a reactive or planned job.  So now in the apps you can select a form from the form library and complete it there and then.  Very quick and dead handy!

Dec 09

Manager App – Assign jobs to other users

Manager App - Assign User

From the Manager App, the manager or supervisor can choose to assign the job to another user.  This user will then receive email notification and see the job in their own manager app.

Nov 27

Job Requests – Create job request without needing a user login from a secure web page

job requests without login

Users can raise issues and create requests from a secure web page without needing to log in the main application. Great for organisations with many users. Complements the ability to send a request by email. And of course coming soon… ..the requestor app

Coming Soon

2021 - Q2

Asset SubClasses, Asset Teams, Planned Maintenance by Operational Hours, PPM Certificates

Three big improvements coming very soon thanks to Saudi Aerospace.

  • Asset SubClasses – you can categorise your assets by both asset class and asset subclass – great for more complex asset hierarchies
  • Asset Teams – you can allocate individual assets to a team (of users and engineers).  When a job is created against that asset, it then be allocated to that team
  • Planned Maintenance by Operational Hours.  Currently planned maintenance schedules generate the next planned job for an asset or site on a regular frequency (for example weekly, monthly or annually).  You will soon be able to also have the next planned job for an asset driven by the number of hours it has been in operation.  For example every 1000 hours of operational use trigger the next planned job.  The Asset Statuses will help determine how long an asset has been in operation for.
  • PPM Certificates – contractors and users can already upload documents against planned maintenance jobs including certificates.  We will strengthen this area so an uploaded document can be “tagged” as a Certificate and clearly provide evidence of the certificate to yourselves and external parties such as auditors.
2021 - Q2

Tax Rates for Purchase Orders and Costs

We will soon be allowing you to set your own tax rates for your region.  The tax rates can then be set for purchase orders and job costs.  This tax rate can then be included on the Purchase Order PDF generated from Trackplan for your accounts team and suppliers.

2021 - Q3

PDF and CAD Viewer and Annotator


You will be able to view PDF and CAD files and other files from within Trackplan. Will also be able to annotate over the files with line drawings, symbols and text. Great for floorplans, design and construction, space management and anything else you can think of!

2021 - Q3

GDPR and Anonymise button

Thanks to Cork and Kerry Voluntary Emergency Services we will be introducing an “Anonymise” feature.

Cork and Kerry emergency services provide transport services to members of the public in distress.  They do not want the personal details of these people retained on the system for longer then required.  The “Anonymise” feature will allow for their details to be removed soon after the job has been completed.

2021 - Q3

Required Stock Levels by Asset, Authorisation levels for Purchase Orders

Big improvements to the stock, asset and purchase order areas.  Will appeal to more manufacturing based clients.

  • Asset Stock – to manage the required stock levels for an asset. So for each asset will show a list of stock lines with the number of stock items used, and how many should be kept in spares and in which default storage area
  • Bins and Buckets and QR Codes – Storage Areas can be broken into bins / buckets, each bin holding a stock line. Can put a QR code against each bin
  • Can assign a Team to a stock level (storage area / stock). This team to be sent notifications when stock falls below reorder level.
  • In Manager App, can scan a QR code to bring up storage area. User can then type in number used with a text box.
  • Can set purchase order authorisation levels in bands.
  • Instruct job – can attach multiple resources to one job task. So an engineer can see other engineers that are assigned to this task.
  • Asset Calibration – For assets, introduce calibration functionality (akin to planned maintenance) and improve contract / service area for each asset
2021 - Q3


Long overdue API needed for Trackplan.  For internal use and also for clients.

Will allow clients to pull their data from Trackplan for their reports and other systems.

Will allow clients to update Trackplan with data from other systems for things like new jobs.

2021 - Q4

The Requestor App

Requestor App

The third app, long overdue, will let remote users create requests from the Requestor App quickly and easily.  Great for organisations with 100s and 1000s of remote users who you want to create job requests from time to time.  For example tenants.

2021 - Q4

Messaging in the Apps

Instant messaging will be coming to the apps! You will be able to send messages real time to resources and users of the Resource App and Manager App.

2021 - Q3

Asset images, statuses and comments from the apps

Asset images, statuses and comments from the apps

In the apps a user can already view assets, create assets and add jobs against assets.

Soon they will be able to:

– upload images against the asset

– make comments

– change the asset status

2021 - Q4

Forms – Dynamic Question and Form Completion Workflow

Forms – Dynamic Question and Form Completion Workflow

– dynamic question workflow – questions will appear dependent on the answer to another question

– form completion workflow – one user completes one section of form, then second user completes next section. Great for permits to work

2022 - Q1

Contractors can manage their team of engineers through the contractor portal

Your larger contractors will be able to manage their team of engineers through the contractor portal.  Engineers they set up in the contractor portal can then be given access to the Resource App.

2022 - Q1

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Teams Logo

Trackplan already integrates with Microsoft for Single Sign On.  In the future we will extend this integration into Microsoft Teams and Office 365

2022 - Q2

Health and Safety Module

We already have a lot of the functionality for Health and Safety within the forms and resource modules, such as:

– Risk Assessments

– Permits to Work

– Contractor Compliance

We want to bring this together into an integrated Health and Safety module…..

2022 - Q3

IoT – plug and play sensors, devices and meters

Everyone is talking about it and now its time to act!  We are excited about bringing the world of sensor and devices into Trackplan.  The vision is to create a central hub on the current platform, where users can select from a menu of devices.  Then using a “plug and play” approach make it as simple as possible to manage the device and its data from the Trackplan portal.  The steps for the user will be

  • Select the device from our menu
  • Order the device from the supplier
  • Install the device to your location
  • Enter the unique code for the device into the Trackplan portal, either against a site, location or asset.
  • Then view the results and manage the device

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

2022 - Q4

Asset and Room Booking

We already have an outstanding job calendar.

We want to build on this to offer:

– Room booking

– Asset booking

2023 -Q3

Foreign Language Templates


Foreign Language Templates – you will be able to assign a Foreign Language template to each user so they can see Trackplan in the language of their choice, from English to Spanish to Arabic.