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Asset Management Software

Full control over your Assets

It can take time to gather all your asset information across your buildings and rooms, but once done you will be in control.  Whether manufacturing equipment or machines, or standard office assets such as air conditioning units or boilers, you need to know what assets you have, where they are, their maintenance history, and what maintenance is coming up for both planned and reactive maintenance.

Good asset management involves obtaining quality asset information which will help you make informed decisions over your assets – for example whether to repair or replace an asset in the future.

You need to come up with an asset management strategy and ask yourself which assets you want to focus on and what information you want to gather about them.  For sure, some of your assets will want to be on a regular programme of planned maintenance, and for such assets you may benefit from an itemised list of checks or tasks within an inspection list or checklist. Fire safety equipment would definitely fall into this bracket.

And if you have not done so already, you will want to consider how you are going to uniquely identify each asset with a set of asset numbers or codes.  It would make sense to code the asset so that the code itself can give you information about the asset (such as its location).

You can generate QR codes for each asset and then fix a label to each asset with its QR code.  This will let yourself and other members of the team scan the QR code to bring up details of the asset immediately, and of course also act as evidence that the asset was visited or inspected.

Trackplan will help you achieve all of this with its strong and comprehensive Asset Management Software module.

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