Trackplan Instructional Videos


Trackplan is now on YouTube!


We have now released 12 product videos showing how to use our software. Although easy to use, we understand that the software is also very powerful, that is why we created these videos. We have detailed many different features including:

  • Sites – how to add sites and configure them.
  • Resource Management – how to organize resources and their qualifications.
  • Requests – how to handle job requests sent in by resources and contractors.
  • Planned Schedules – how to configure planned maintenance schedules on assets.
  • Jobs – how to create jobs on the fly and assign them.
  • Jobs List –  how to read, use and understand the job list.
  • Instructing Contractors – how to instruct contractors and assign them jobs and tasks.
  • Dashboard –  how to read and understand the main dashboard in the software.
  • User and Email Templates – how to configure users permissions and emails that are sent.
  • Costs – how to add and track costs across your jobs.
  • Calendar/Scheduler – how to use the very powerful calendar/scheduler functionality.

All the videos can be viewed here – Trackplan YouTube Channel

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