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CAFM Provider Trackplan merger with French giant DIMO Maint

Trackplan, an Irish provider of CAFM / facilities management software, has recently been acquired by DIMO Maint, a French software company.

– DIMO Maint are the market leaders in France for their core software products: DIMO Maint MX and DIMO Maint OM.  See https://dimomaint.com/
– DIMO Maint has over 4000 clients in France and many other countries around the World. Their software is available in 17 languages.
– DIMO Maint’s software is known as a “CMMS” solution – Computerised Maintenance Management Software.  This is maintenance management software like TrackplanFM but much more focused on industry and manufacturing and complex assets.
– DIMO Maint has 400+ employees and have been in business for over 20 years
– Trackplan will continue to run autonomously as it has been doing from our new office in Limerick, Ireland with the same team.
– Our commitment to continual improvement in Trackplan and our strong customer support will continue.
– DIMO Maint has a wealth of talent and has a dedicated “integrations” team.  We will be able to share their knowledge, expertise and resources. They have integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and experience with IoT integrations.
– They will provide financial security to Trackplan and our clients.
– DIMO Maint had been looking for a “CAFM” facilities oriented solution for over 3 years to offer alongside their existing solutions.  They studied many systems out there and did their due diligence.  It is a complement to Trackplan and the team that they selected our company and product.

Foreign Language and Internationalisation of Trackplan :
– After the next software release (due late October) we will focus on the “internationalisation” of Trackplan.
– This will make Trackplan available in multiple languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi.
– Our development team will be focused on this until at least mid February 2022.
– This work is a top priority as DIMO Maint aim to sell and support Trackplan to non-English speaking markets.  But we will still be supporting Trackplan during this time of course.

This is an exciting time for Trackplan and its clients.

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