Job Requests

Trackplan’s CAFM software allows internal users, contractors and other parties to raise issues in real time using our straightforward and streamlined job request solution that will allow your team to be on top of any issues within minutes of being raised.

A user can login to Trackplan from their laptop, tablet or mobile device and create a request online.  They can attach a document to the request or take a photo of the issue.  Immediate email notification is sent to the facilities team.

Alternatively, users can email in their request to an agreed upon email address within your organisation.  Many of our clients use this approach as well.

Raising a job request

A Trackplan user can send in a job request either through email, or if they have been given access to the application they can create the request on-line.  The job request can have attached documents and photos if necessary to provide the fullest amount of information possible. Contractors can also send in a job request via the mobile friendly Trackplan contractor portal.

  • If a User is allowed to raise requests they can go to New – New Request.
  • Enter a description of the Request
  • Assign it to a Site
  • Choose the desired date and time for the Job.
  • Enter your name and press Confirm.

It is possible to allow Job Requests that are sent by email to be automatically logged onto the Trackplan system. You can either use a Trackplan email or using an existing email address.

  • Go to Other – Settings
  • Go to Job Request Settings
  • Click Edit
  • Check the Accept Job Requests by email box
  • Create a new email address in the with the appendage
  • If you want to retain an existing email, such as, then simply forward all messages from this account to the new Trackplan email.
  • Make sure that you allow the domain of the existing address in the Add Allowed Domain section.

Receiving a job request

When a new job request has been created the facilities team will receive notification by email. The request can then be approved into a job, declined or deleted.  You can also send requests for authorisation before they can be approved.  The user requesting the job will also receive email notifications at all stages of the request and job process.

  • A new Job Request will be shown on the Requests page
  • Click on the Request Number to show the Request Page
  • A Request can be Approved or Declined from here
  • If Approved the Request becomes a Job
  • You can now choose a Resource to complete the Job

Job request product video