How To Reduce Work Order Instruction Time by up to 80%!

In this article/ video we will be looking at how to reduce the time it takes to instruct a work order to a contractor/ internal engineer by up to 80%!


In fact, let’s work it out.


Write down on a piece of paper on average how many work order requests, you/ your team receives each week.


Now multiply this by 52 to get the average per year.


Now write down the average time it takes per request to troubleshoot, triage, extract the information from the person raising the work order request and instructing a contractor.


Now multiply the two numbers together.


This is the total time you/ your team spends troubleshooting work order requests over a 12-month period.


A lot of time right?


Now obtain an average hourly rate for you/ your help desk team.


Divide the total time spent troubleshooting per annum number by 60 (to get the number of hours) and multiply this by the average hourly rate.


This is the costs associated to the amount of time spent troubleshooting work order requests that come through.


Now, what if we could slash that time/ cost by up to 80%!


How do we do this?


Using our modern, easy to use facility management software.


Our system will essentially do all the troubleshooting for you.


Create custom conditional forms (which you design) and associate this to job types.


So dependent upon the job type selected by the requestor.


A form will pop up asking them all the questions you require to obtain all of the information needed to instruct a contractor first time round, but also ensure a work order is required in the first place!


Check out the video to see this in action!



Charlie Bown

Ex Facility Manager, I feel your pain!


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