Electronic Form and Custom Field Updates

A very important update here which relates mainly to our e-forms functionality. Forms have always been a strong feature in the software and now even better with expiry notifications for date fields.

Want to capture additional information about a Site, Asset or Contractor?  Lets say you want to keep track of an expiry date on an Insurance Certificate on a site.

    1. Create a Site Custom Field Form with a date field and Expiry reminder checked.
    2. Fill out the Form Notification settings.
    3. Attach the Form to your site and fill out the Insurance Certificate expiry date.

Simply as that. Now you will get notified when the Insurance is due or expired.

A very handy feature to keep on top of certs for sites, assets or contractors.

Read about our latest improvements in our June 3rd release, in the attached PDF here: Trackplan FM Electronic Form and Custom Field Updates

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