CMMS Software for Large Food Manufacturer in New Zealand

Talley’s Group – CMMS and Facilities Management Software for large Food Manufacturer in New Zealand


Background to Talley’s Group and their requirements

Talley’s are a household name in New Zealand.  They provide seafood, meat, vegetables and dairy products to the world.  They are still family owned and operated.

The single significant point of difference for all Talley’s products, beyond impeccable quality, is that they are all grown, harvested and processed in New Zealand. They control distribution from New Zealand. This means every product has a reassuringly traceable provenance back to the clean, natural seas and fields of New Zealand.


They have several sites across New Zealand delivering their produce.

The Head of Maintenance at their main site in Motueka was looking for a product that was easy to use, had mobile apps and could cope with the large reactive and planned job volumes.

And it needed to tick all the boxes in terms of planned maintenance, asset management and inspections.

Being able to divide work, users and engineers into teams was also important.

Talley’s IT infrastructure and user base is on Microsoft Active Directory. They were very keen to use Single Sign-On with Trackplan to reduce administration time and make easier to use for users.

The Trackplan Solution

Peter, the Head of Maintenance at Talley’s, contacted us in mid-2019. He expressed his interest in our easy to use software and our two apps for the engineers and managers and was attracted by what we have on our website.

After an extended trial, we made some improvements to the software particularly around:

– the Manager App and its ability to create new jobs and then allocate a job directly to an engineer

– split work, users and engineers into teams.  So, a user could be restricted to only seeing jobs for their team.  Teams include Engineering, Electrical and Building.

Happy with the changes we made, Peter then signed up to a 6-month subscription.  A paid for extended trial, for their main fish site in Motueka.

Training was delivered over a couple of 2-hour Zoom sessions to Peter alone.  He has then been able to roll-out the application to his team of managers and supervisors.

The apps are working really for them to manage their reactive jobs.  He is now starting to add planned maintenance schedules and assets to Trackplan.

They have been making use of the powerful form features in Trackplan, and we agreed to further improve the software and enable an app user to add a new form to a job in addition to ones already sent down.

They have since signed up for another 6 months and are expecting to roll-out to all their other sites in the coming months.