Super 15 Tech Companies – The Best CAFM and CMMS ?

We are delighted to have been included in a review by leading IT publication Silicon Republic – They identified Trackplan as a leading technology provider in the Limerick region of Ireland.  We have a way to go, but our aim is to be one of the most affordable and best CAFM and CMMS providers in the World. A dream solution for facilities managers and maintenance managers everywhere.

See the full article here: Top 15 tech companies – Silicon Republic

Limerick is a wonderful place to grow a software company.  There is great talent around from the Limerick Institute of Technology, Griffith College and University of Limerick.  Also the quality of life is hard to beat, with an ever improving city centre and stunning countryside and coastline to satisfy the needs of both outdoor and city types.  And the support of the local business community is very strong with Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Office providing invaluable financial and moral support.

Trackplan continues to improve the CAFM and CMMS software at a relentless pace with great features coming soon in 2018 including mobile apps for facilities managers and engineers, stock and asset parts to meet the needs of the more manufacturing and maintenance driven clients, multi-lingual capability and visual mapping of issues on floor plans.

Even though we are in the far west of Europe facing out to the Atlantic, Trackplan is receiving trial requests and inquiries from all over the World.  In the last few weeks alone we have received trial requests from facilities managers from:

  • sports stadiums in UK and Ireland
  • hotel groups in Sri Lanka and Angola
  • college in Russia
  • railway networks
  • chicken farms
  • retail group and a cosmetic surgery in Australia
  • major sports events
  • offices in Dubai
  • facilities companies in USA

Developing beautiful CAFM and CMMS software is not easy.  But we do want to become one of the best CAFM and CMMS solutions in the World.  It takes vision, hard work, creativity and good communication with clients.  Even harder still is winning clients!  The battle continues….