12 Key Reports You Need as a Facility Manager

Facility management’s heartbeat lies in data and insights. Explore the 12 key reports that facility managers depend on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. From work order status to stakeholder satisfaction, these reports illuminate the path to effective decision-making and the efficient operation of facilities.



Work Order Status Report: This report provides a summary of all work orders initiated, completed, or pending for the day, helping facility managers stay updated on daily maintenance activities.



Upcoming Work Order Report: This report provides a summary of all the upcoming reactive and compliance work orders due to be completed soon to make sure jobs have been booked in and allocated, so they don’t become overdue.

Overdue Job Report: This report details all the overdue statutory and reactive jobs, so you know exactly where you stand from a compliance perspective and can address any overdue jobs immediately.



Maintenance Backlog Report: This report details pending maintenance tasks/ requests, helping facility managers prioritise and allocate resources effectively.

Budget vs. Actual Report: A monthly financial report that compares the actual spend with the budgeted amounts, helping in cost control.

Compliance Report: Monthly review of compliance including number of compliant sites and making sure all compliant jobs are being booked in, addressed, and completed on time.


Quarterly Report

Vendor Performance Report: Evaluates the performance of external contractors, service providers and internal engineers, ensuring service quality and KPI’s/ SLAs are being met.

Number Of Jobs Raised vs Completed: This report details the number of jobs raised over the last 3 months vs what has been completed. This indicates if you have the correct amount of resource to match demand and address appropriately where required.


Biannual Report

Financial Forecast Report: Provides expenditure over the last 6 months and outstanding committed expenditure so you can track where you are vs budget to notify the relevant individuals if an uplift may be required or if you are on track.


Annual Reports

Life Cycle Cost Analysis Report: Evaluates the life cycle costs of assets and recommends replacements or upgrades as needed so this can be budgeted for.

Budget and Financial Performance Report: An annual financial report that reviews the budget’s performance, highlighting areas for cost savings and enabling new budgets to be set.

Stakeholder Satisfaction Report: Surveys stakeholders to gauge satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.



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