New Product Features & CAFM Improvements

Hi Everyone,

As we leave the summer of 2022 behind us and hope for a mild autumn and winter, the team at Trackplan have once again developed numerous new features driven by existing clients and new prospects. Some small but very useful improvements and some quite big to help your facilities team manage their workload for efficiently.

A summary of the new features:

  • Can specify which forms can be selected for a site, location or asset.
  • Can set a document expiry date for each document with email notifications.
  • Parent and Child Assets – can define an asset hierarchy.
  • Manager and Resource App – can search on job number.
  • Finance – when jobs costs flagged as Invoice Received, set the job cost budget to 0.
  • Select Resource on Job page.  Trade filter now multi-select, and the trade and region filters prepopulate from the site and job type of the job.
  • Request app: the request list, site list and asset list improved.
  • Guest Request app: Can now include a “captcha” when a user creates a new request for added security.
  • Resource notes can now be included in the instruction email template.
  • Job sub type and its code now included in cost list and cost report & Job Sub Type filter in job calendar.
  • Can specify default instruct email template by site and site type.
  • Contractor Portal – can see site address on job task.
  • Cost Screen improvements with description fields for labour, materials, Under    Query comments, sales mark-up %.
  • Advanced Job Routing for auto approved requests now follow the rules as well!
  • Document Tags for apps.
  • Resource App – Scan Asset button on asset question.  
  • Job Types merged.
  • Can set priorities for Job Tasks and Visits

Read about our latest improvements in our September 22nd release, in the attached PDF here: New Product Features & CAFM Improvements

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