PPM Certificates and CAFM Updates

The Trackplan train keeps chugging along.  Mobilising new client projects such as Saudi Aerospace and Bradfords (retail group with 50 DIY stores in UK).  And of course keeping long-term clients satisfied.  Every day we are asked for new improvements and innovation.   For example  in our latest release  documents can now be tagged as “PPM Certificates”.  So you can now tag documents uploaded as PPM Certificates and force contractors to upload their PPM certificate before jobs are completed.

The big challenge for us is how are we going to get onto our Roadmap!  Well, we have just taken on Ciaran from Johannesburg who has taken to our development team like a duck to water.  The weather in Limerick will be more suited to ducks then in South Africa, that’s for sure.

Read about our latest improvements in our May 19th release, including the PDF Certificates,  in the attached PDF here: Trackplan PPM Certificates and Other Updates.