New CAFM features & Project Improvements

A new Trackplan release will be going live very soon full of exciting new features around alerts, projects and much more.

A summary of the new features:

  • Projects: Project status, Finance Codes, Project Numbering and Project Authorisations
  • Alerts: Improvements to Job Alerts list & main Job list.
  • Alerts: Overdue Notifications can be set for alerts.
  • Planned Schedule Alerts: Can specify an alert to be created on job creation or when job is overdue.
  • Escalation Alerts: Allow a job alert to be created on an escalation rule.
  • Select Resource window: “# Open Jobs”, “#Overdue Jobs” now available.
  • Add job notes to the report ‘Job Report – All Columns’.
  • Schedule of Rates – can select Multi Select for Priorities for each rate rule.
  • Resource filter dropdowns restricted to client contract selected.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements in all applications.

Read about our latest improvements in the attached PDF here: New CAFM features & Project Improvements

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