CAFM Award

Innovation Award, CAFM Property

A new Trackplan release went out last night.  Click HERE to see more details on these new features.  A summary of these is also further below.

Also some good and hopefully interesting news from ourselves:

– we won the Innovation Award from the National Enterprise Office for our CAFM Software, Limerick Region. Mark and Sajith in the photo at the Commercial Pub (under our office) celebrating today.

– through our parent company Dimo Maint, we have signed up one of the largest hotel groups in France

– one of the largest property management companies in Ireland signs up to Trackplan.  Our CAFM software does work in property management.

– In the UK, an organisation specialising in Electrical Vehicle Charge Points signs up to Trackplan.

A summary of the new features:

  • Job Alerts – assign an alert to a team as well as a user
  • Planned Maintenance – Can set an end date for each Planned schedule item
  • Job Cost List – job category added as a column to the grid with a filter
  • Asset Status Colour – a colour can be assigned to each asset status – this is displayed on the asset list and the asset details pages
  • User’s Single Sign On notifications – Can set an email address to receive notifications for new attempted SSO logins
  • User Access by Region – User’s region restriction now behaves correctly for parent regions