CAFM Price Questionnaire for Quote

Complete the simple questionnaire and we will reply within a few hours with a quote for your CAFM system.  Use best estimates.

  • Please use a company email address
  • for example, a monthly inspection at a site would equate to 12 jobs per year
  • Job requests are optional. If you have a large number of office staff or tenants for example, then they can create requests. These can then be approved into reactive jobs
  • You can design your own forms which can be sent out with reactive and planned jobs. For example Inspections / Risk Assessments / Permit To Work / Surveys / Meter readings
  • Also known as superusers, they will have full admin rights in Trackplan.
  • As examples, this will be users working on the helpdesk, supervisors, area managers, site managers.,
  • This will be people who are able to create job requests from time to time (for example office staff or tenants) but will have little access to system otherwise
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.