CAFM Software for Services Provider and Offices

Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services – CAFM and Facilities Management Software for Services Provider and Offices


Background to GSCS and their requirements

GSCS is part of a multi-national group of companies that specializes in innovative solutions tailored to the United States Armed Forces and its allies at military locations around the globe.

GSCS operates at military bases, training areas and equipment storage locations within Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Regional Operations Manager from the Middle East contacted us looking for an easy to use web based system that could manage the core facilities and maintenance requirements for their apartments and office space in a large 22 stored building in Abu Dhabi.


It also needed to handle work flow requirements such as risk assessments and permits to work.  After a couple of emails, they signed up and sponsored the improvement of our risk assessment and permit to work features using the Electronic Forms feature in Trackplan, and the planned maintenance scheduling.

They were attracted by the

– all-round capabilities of Trackplan,

– its ease of use

– the apps

– the electronic forms for inspections, risk assessments and permits.

– affordability over systems like IBM Maximo and FSI Concept.

With over 1,400 assets from HVAC to Statutory Lifting Equipment, this was a big project.

The Trackplan Solution

Trackplan dealt mainly with the Technical Services Manager.

The first task was to upload all the assets and link each one to up to 3 planned maintenance schedules.  Each asset might have a weekly, monthly and a more intense annual visit.   Over a 100 planned maintenance schedules were created on Trackplan.  Then the assets were uploaded from a spreadsheet, each asset row linking it to up to 3 of these PPM schedules.

One of Trackplan’s development jobs was to introduce smarter scheduling.  A weekly PPM job would not be booked over a monthly PPM job, a monthly PPM job would not be booked over an annual PPM job.

Richard run’s a tight ship and PPM schedules are on track and overdue jobs kept to a minimum

Trackplan has really helped them apply their high standards of maintenance.

They are booking over 700 jobs per month.

They recently renewed their annual contract.