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Snagging and Defects Software for Property Developer – Case Study


Titan Property Developments – Snagging and Defects Management Software for Property Development

Background to Titan Property Developments and their requirements

Titan manage the new builds of houses and apartments blocks in areas of the UK.  Typically, they will have several major build projects a year.

They employ one or two main contractors during a project to manage and deliver the construction of the houses and apartments.  The main contractor will have their own team of engineers and subcontractors to help deliver the work.  And then a variety of other actors are engaged such as architects, surveyors and “employer’s agents”.

The Employer’s Agent will inspect the properties and create a report of snags and defects during the build process.  The main contractor and their team are then obliged to repair and fix these snags and defects.  The main contractor then review the fixes and finally approve.

This essential process helps drive well built, quality properties. Also, the new owners of the just built properties are invited to inspect their properties, and create their own list of snags that they find.  At this stage there should not be many!

Titan were previously using paper driven processes and were having quality control issues around the snagging process.  They were looking for a technology driven process to improve this.

The Trackplan Solution

In early 2017 Trackplan were engaged by Titan to deliver the solution the help improve the snagging and defects process.  After project meetings with Titan, Trackplan identified required improvements to the existing CAFM platform to provide a perfect fit.

Improvements included:

  • Main Contractor’s being able to login and set up their own team of engineers
  • Site Location reports listing all open and completed snags / jobs at every apartment
  • Optimised mobile app with offline capability allowing snags to be created the Employer’s Agent
  • Optimised mobile app with offline capability so engineers can review and view their issued snags and sign them off (with photos of course)
  • Better workflow, so snags signed off by the main contractor first go to approved status before being fully signed off complete by the employer’s agent.

So now Titan and their project team have used Trackplan successfully on several new build projects with many thousands of jobs and snags being raised and completed.  And Trackplan is being used by Titan themselves, the Employer’s Agents, the main contractors and their engineers and the new owners of the properties.

Benefits to date include:

  • Better control of snagging process
  • Improved communication between all parties
  • Speeding up of snagging management
  • Improved quality of final delivered new builds!