Schedule of Rates, Job Routing & CAFM Improvements

Hi Everyone,

A very exciting release by the team this month in Trackplan. CAFM features that will make the life of facility managers & maintenance managers easier on a day to day basis.

A summary of the new features:

  • Apps – Repeatable sections in Forms available.
  • Apps – Asset Question in forms now available in Apps.
  • Apps – Can take and view photos and documents against sites and assets.
  • Apps – Form Library: When starting form can now select the site, location, sub location or asset.
  • Improvements to Form PDF print options.
  • Export to Excel from data grids (jobs, form results, assets etc.) greatly improved.
  • Schedule of Rates (Contractor and Client) and visits. Recording hours worked on job visits and costing using schedule rates.
  • Contract Notification Settings (e.g. when over budget) now available on a contract by contract basis.
  • Advanced Job Routing improved. Can now route to a resource based on type of job, days/times and site.
  • App Manager improved.
  • Sales value for Planned Jobs.


Read about our latest improvements in our August 9th release, in the attached PDF here: Schedule of Rates, Job Routing & CAFM Improvements

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