Facilities Management Software for Large Colleges

Limerick Institute of technology – CAFM and Facilities Management Software in Large College

Background to Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) and their requirements

Limerick Institute of Technology is one of Ireland’s largest colleges with 6,900 student and 500 staff. The education centre is spread across 5 campuses in Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. There are 7 staff in the central estates team who manage the well-being of the large estate all year round using a team of over 25 third party and internal contractors.

LIT were looking for a facilities management software solution to help them manage all the sites, reactive and planned preventative maintenance and user requests and related documents in one central easy to use application.

Limerick Institute of Technology

The Trackplan Solution

All issues found by LIT staff are sent in by email to one central email address.  From the email a request is automatically created in Trackplan’s facilities management software and the LIT estates team are then notified by email, who can then approve the request into a full reactive job.  This job is then managed through its life-cycle.  The new job is assigned to a site and detailed location and then to a relevant estates team member to manage from thereon. They can then choose to instruct one of the contractors on the system.

Contractors are then notified by email of the work required.  The contractor can then login to Trackplan to view their instructed jobs and complete the job via their mobile device or tablet – it works on any device and browser.  The contractor can also review all instructed work on the calendar by day, week or month.  They can also add notes, upload documents and take photos.

The estates facilities management can get a quick overview of the status of maintenance work by reviewing the Trackplan dashboard which summarises all maintenance jobs by site showing overdue and priority work.  They can drill down to the jobs of interest.

The estates team is also making the most of Trackplan’s powerful and easy to use Planned Preventative Maintenance module.  Over 50 regular recurring maintenance schedules have been set up which automatically generate and instruct jobs to contractors on differing time intervals from daily to weekly to annually and others in between.  Again on the dashboard, management can quickly see if they are “On Track” and compliant with the many schedules of work across the campuses.

Trackplan’s CAFM solution is also helping LIT reduce bags of paperwork with its Inspection and Checklist module.  A list of “things to do” can be set up by the estates team.  This is then issued to the internal or external contractor on one of the maintenance schedules.  The contractor can then review the list on his mobile and sign off the individual items on the inspection list such as the “Sports hub vents” or “Grease Traps”.  A great way to manage regular recurring work for a large college and education centre and reduce time and paper-work for all parties.