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Recent Updates and Coming Soon

Aug 23

Mobile App for facilities team ready

Trackplan’s CAFM and CMMS app is finally here.  It’s been a lot of work and patiently longed for by many including myself!  It works on any android or apple device whether mobile phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

The CAFM app is fast, easy to use and of course works off-line / out of signal, and syncs back up when a signal is re-established.  We have used some of the best mobile technologies out there including Facebook’s React and Google’s Firebase.

Like the rest of the main CAFM and CMMS application, design and ease of use has been one of the primary objectives.  The first app is for the facilities and maintenance team. You can:

  • create jobs
  • view open jobs whether reactive or planned
  • take unlimited photos
  • complete jobs
  • add and view notes

It is soon to be followed by a similar version for the engineers and contractors, ready in a few months.

There is a lot more we can do to the app to make it even more useful.  So we have started with the essentials.

Aug 23

Finance Integration between leading accountancy packages: Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Kashflow and Trackplan’s CAFM software

Finance Integration between leading accountancy packages: Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Kashflow and Trackplan’s CAFM software

Trackplan’s CAFM Software can now offer integration with four of the leading finance and accountancy software packages: Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and Kashflow.  We can send costs into your finance software.  We can also integrate assets purchased through your finance application into Trackplan.

This will reduce time, double entry and help force consistency between your core systems.

Aug 02

CAFM Reports

CAFM Reports

New reports page in dashboard library showing bar charts and pie charts with great analysis by job types, SLAs among others.  Filters allow you to report on what you want quickly.  The CAFM reports pages are going to grow with your feedback.

Jul 07

Planned Maintenance Timeline Report Improvements

Planned Maintenance Timeline Report Improvements

Timeline report for planned maintenance improved to include more display options including due date and completed date

Jun 13

Asset Attributes and Asset Statuses

The CAFM asset management module is further improved. Now you can capture extra information about your assets by adding your own custom fields.

Also you can now set up your own asset statuses and monitor the condition of assets over time.  For example to see when an asset is out of service or in fault.

Jun 08

Stock and Inventory Management and Purchase Order Module

Stock and Inventory Management and Purchase Order Module

New feature.  You can now manage your stock and inventory within Trackplan.  You can assign stock to assets.  And also flag stock as being maintenance driven and so manage more closely.  Also includes a purchase order module.  You can also use up stock against a job.

May 24

Upload your own logo

Upload your own logo

Clients can now include their own logo in the Trackplan header, and include logo in emails sent out.

May 10

Job Priorities and SLA enhancments

Job Priorities and SLA enhancments

More advanced settings for priorities and SLAs. Can set expected date to ignore weekends, or come at end of day for example

Apr 09

Job Request Reminders and Setting site budgets

Reminders sent to facilities team for overdue pending requests.

Set the budget for each site, to facilitate cost control by site

Mar 23

Asset Dashboard Enhanced

Asset Dashboard Enhanced

More enhancements including stronger analysis showing assets at fault and out of service by asset class and site.  Also a bar chart showing spread of assets across asset statuses.

Feb 15

Requestors Confirm or Reject Work Done

Requestors Confirm or Reject Work Done

A user who created a work request, can now later on confirm the work was done once confirmed complete by the contractor or facilities team. Will notify the central team if they “reject” the work.

Another great improvement to the CAFM job request management

Jan 22

Remember where you are and customise grids

Remember where you are and customise grids

The main grids including job list, requests list, sites and assets, now remember your filters and sorting options when you navigate away and come back.

In addition you can customise the grid to show the columns you want.  A great enhancement to our CAFM software.

Dec 14

QR Codes for Assets

QR Code

Create QR codes for your assets.  These QR codes can then be scanned from the Trackplan application to take you to the asset details and its associated jobs and electronic forms such as inspections

Nov 22

Site Location Report and areas

Site Location Report and areas

All sites and locations can be viewed in one filterable report showing created, open and completed jobs plus associated physical areas

Nov 16

Planned Maintenance – Gantt Style Report

Planned Maintenance – Gantt Style Report

There is already a Gantt style timeline report showing planned maintenance for sites and assets. Additional features have been added to this report to improve the filtering.

Nov 02

Document Manager – Photo Preview and Tags

Document Manager – Photo Preview and Tags

In the document grids you can now mouse-over photos and images to get a pop-up image of the photo without having to download and open up from your local laptop.  Also we have introduced document tags.  This lets you categorise your documents anyway you like to enable stronger document management and retrieval.

Oct 30

Site Date Report – Lease dates etc

Site Date Report – Lease dates etc

You can already capture additional key site information such as lease dates using Site Custom Fields. There is a now a Site Date Report which displays these dates highlighting expired dates. Notifications are also sent out when dates are close to expiry.

Oct 27

Inspection forms and surveys – photos, documents and signatures

In the electronic forms (for inspections, risk assessments, surveys and site custom fields), there is a new questions type for uploading documents. Handy for lease documents for example in the Site Custom Fields area. You can also now include photo capture on the forms as well and capture signatures.

Oct 19

Geo-Location Stamp for contractor and engineer work

When an engineer / technician or contractor takes a photo, arrives on site, or leaves site in the contractor portal, a location stamp is recorded. These locations can then be viewed from the documents and time records grids.  Note, this can be turned off and on for each contractor and engineer.

Oct 15



A great new feature this one, to drive compliance and keep you aware of any issues you need to know about.  The new notifications module shows new notifications in the “Notifications” bell in the top bar.  Notification types include overdue planned work, expiring contractor qualifications, lease dates close to expiry among others.  This complements the email alerts that are already being sent out by Trackplan to users upon similar events.

Oct 06

New Design

New Design

Trackplan has undergone a design makeover using the latest “Material” design philosophy and keeping its responsive multi-device behaviour.  The main impact has been moving the navigation menu from the top horizontal menu to a vertical sidebar, allowing more navigation options to be shown and providing a, hopefully, better user experience.  Thanks to Ciaran Smith for his great work.

Sep 27

Bulk data upload for sites, assets and users

The bulk upload module has been extended so that you can now upload large numbers of assets, sites and users from a spreadsheet into Trackplan.  It will also perform updates if you want to update existing records.

Sep 14

Single Sign On Enabled with Microsoft

Trackplan is now enabled for single sign on for organisation which use Microsoft Active Directory to manage their user directories.  Consequently Trackplan is now the first facilities software application to be on Microsoft’ Appsource Gallery for B2B cloud applications which are SSO enabled.  Note that your organisation will also need to sync their local active directory with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory.  Contact us for more information.  Also see our Microsoft profile here: Trackplan Microsoft SSO Profile.

Sep 07

Multiple forms on a job – Inspections and Risk Assessments

You can now allocate multiple electronic forms to a job as opposed to just on. For example send down a risk assessment and an inspection form on the same job for the contractor or engineer to complete.

Aug 16

Parent and child assets

You can now set up an unlimited asset hierarchy for larger more complex assets (for example machinery) which consists of smaller sub-assets.

Jul 21

User Types and Profiles

User management has become a lot easier.  You can now create a user profile or type with its own settings.  For example what access the user has, which emails they are sent.  This user profile can then be applied to a group of users making it much easier to manage large groups of users.  For example set up a “Requestor” profile for users who are able to raise job requests but not much else.

Jul 04

Contractor and engineer availability

You can now specify holiday, training or other dates of time for which a contractor or engineer may not be available for maintenance work.  These dates also appear in the job calendar to make it easier for the scheduler.

Jun 15

The Bucket List – Unscheduled and low priority jobs

You can now create jobs which you are not ready to schedule yet, but want to record them for later allocation. Typically for lower priority work to be done during quieter times.  You can easily drag these jobs onto the job calendar when you have slots in the schedule.

May 04

Multiple engineers and contractors on a job

You  can now allocate more than one engineer or contractor to a job.

Apr 20

Budgets and Contracts

Can set annual budgets and contracts to manage and control maintenance costs.   You can set up multiple contracts and assign multiple contractors to each one. Sophisticated alerts and job blocking on contract spend limits are available.  You can also “apportion” budgets out to departments to share the cost and budget between the departments in your organisation.

2018 - Q1

Asset Inventory Control With QR Codes

QR Code

A great new tool to control your assets and keep an up to date record of where assets are, where they have moved from those that seem to have disappeared.    Generate QR codes for each of your assets, and physically tag each asset with its QR code.

Then with Trackplan’s new asset inventory checker, you will be able to go to each location and run the Trackplan asset inventory checker for that room.  Go round each asset and scan their QR codes.  Trackplan will then give you an interractive report of which assets match your existing records for that location, which have moved from somewhere else, which are new and which seem to have disappeared.

2018 - Q1

Inspection Forms on The Fly

Inspection Forms on The Fly

You will  be able to bring up and complete any electronic form against a site or asset whether an inspection form, checklist, meter reading or survey.  Previously forms had to be sent out with a maintenance job, either reactive or planned.  Now with this feature, you will be able to complete a form while on the move providing more flexibility and ease of use.

2018 - Q2

Offline Mobile App for the Facilities Team

Offline Mobile App for the Facilities Team

Trackplan works very well on any device  – it does require an internet connection whether 4G or WIFI.  For this reason and due to popular demand we are developing an offline app for iPhone and Android devices, so that a user can add jobs and review open orders while out and about and potentially out of signal.  Trackplan already does offer an offline app for engineers and contractors.  But this app is needed for the central client team.  As time goes by we will add more functionality to it so that electronic forms can be completed and asset inventories can be run – in other words mirroring some of the more important functionality in the main application.

2018 - Q3

Multi-Channel / Multi-Operations

This will let you segregate your operations into “channels”.  So for example if you want to also manage your IT helpdesk using Trackplan you can create a channel called “IT Helpdesk” and keep your IT jobs and assets segregated from the facilities work.   Other uses will be segregating client sites – each channel can be a separate channel.  Or other operation such as cleaning.

2018 - Q4

IoT – plug and play sensors, devices and meters

Everyone is talking about it and now its time to act!  We are excited about bringing the world of sensor and devices into Trackplan.  The vision is to create a central hub on the current platform, where users can select from a menu of devices.  Then using a “plug and play” approach make it as simple as possible to manage the device and its data from the Trackplan portal.  The steps for the user will be

  • Select the device from our menu
  • Order the device from the supplier
  • Install the device to your location
  • Enter the unique code for the device into the Trackplan portal, either against a site, location or asset.
  • Then view the results and manage the device

Sounds simple doesn’t it?